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Internment camps of South West France 1939-1944

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Le Chateau de Larade

The Chateau de Larade was, and still is, in the Rue Larade in the northern part of the city of Toulouse. In 1940 it was loaned by the Catholic Church to the Quakers as a temporary shelter for the refugees swarming into the city from the north. Later it was used to house Spanish children taken from the camps, and in 1942 Jewish children were hidden there amongst the others to save them from deportation.

For some time, the colony was led by a well-known Spanish educationist who was himself a refugee from Nationalist Spain. He was Alexandre Gali, and was much loved by the children. You can download the Christmas 1942  newsletter written by the children during his time as Director of the colony by clicking here.

Eventually the Chateau was declared too dangerous because of its proximity to factories which might attract air attack. It is more than possible that the real reason was the need to move the Jewish children to a safer place.

Several of these children have written about their time in Larade. If you or someone you know was also here, or if you wish to know more about the colony and its children, please contact using the forum page.